The Band

The Band

Dwight Develyn

While attending several 70’s “classic rock” shows at a relatively young age, Dwight always seemed to focus on the drummer. After saving some money it was time to purchase a drum set and with the blessing of his parents, set up the drums INSIDE the house (his parents were either very patient or hard of hearing). His brother, a blues guitar player, and Dwight jammed together on a regular basis. This led to local parties and the opportunity to meet other musicians who also enjoyed the blues. Dwight and his brother eventually formed a blues group called the “Tom Cats” with an authentic Chicago blues harp playing front man. Dwight played around the LA area and while performing at a local party one night, a blues guitarist, Mr. Craig Printup from The Night Owls (William Clark’s first band) sat in and held court. A few weeks later, the harp player and Dwight were asked to join The Night Owls who where beginning their own project without Clark. The band performed steadily for the next 3 years as a group and also backed several well known blues performers in the area. The Night Owls were even chosen to open for Willie Dixon during So. Cal. tour dates. During the last few months the group was together, blues singer Finis Tasby performed with The Night Owls. Dwight learned a lot about Chicago Blues music during this time and formed an appreciation of the genre that still remains today. Prior to the Arizona move a couple of years ago, Dwight drummed in two classic rock projects and an original group called “Liquid Soul,” featuring song writer and guitarist Johnny Lopez. The classic rock projects almost always involved a friend and musical mentor, Bob “Chief” Contreras for this 20 year musical period. Hoping to play the blues again after moving to the Prescott area, Dwight was lucky enough to locate Joe, John and Chris who all share the same passion for this music. “If rock and roll is a tree, blues is its roots,” and Dwight feels very blessed to have the opportunity to share the stage with these gifted musicians who love this music

John Wurtz


John is a guitarist and writer/composer for the band. He grew up playing guitar much of his life before finding his “groove” as a bass man which gives him an unsurpassed versatility. He picked up his first guitar, which was given to him by a neighbor in Las Vegas, back in the late 60’s. It wasn’t until 1976 that he got more serious and began to take lessons. By the early 80’s, he was developing his chops on stages throughout Texas where he lived at the time. Later, in 1995, he moved to Idaho where he helped put together an original band named Van Gogh. He returned to Texas several years later and began playing bass in a couple of local Dallas rock bands.

Arizona began calling his name and he moved here in 1999. He stayed out of bands for a while but continued to write and record his own music. Two kids later he decided to get back into a band. When an opening came up in a blues band, it felt like it would be a perfect opportunity to tap back into his blues style playing that he grew up with in Texas. Although he originally was the bass man for Road One South, he eventually moved to guitar when the opportunity presented itself.


Ron Green

Ron grew up in Phoenix, a typical child of the 60’s, going to every concert that made it to town, including Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and The Who. In the summer of ’67, Ron would sit outside at night playing around with an old bass guitar while he listened to the sounds of a local garage band jamming down the street. When he heard that they landed a gig at the V.I.P. Club in Phoenix, Ron went to check it out. The group, known at the time as The Spiders, was on the cutting edge of something different in the music scene around Phoenix. Ron was fired up and knew he had to part of that energy. During a break, he struck up a conversation with the drummer who convinced him to learn the drums, as they were the quickest way to get a foot in the door. Shortly thereafter, The Spiders left Phoenix for Los Angeles and changed their name to Alice Cooper. Ron decided that it was now or never. The plans to be the world’s next greatest bass player were put on hold and Ron picked up the sticks only to realize that he did, in fact, have rhythm. He was a quick study and was soon playing the club circuit in Phoenix with Gibralter. Later, he, Bob Turner, and Denny King formed Captain America’s Jam Band, doing harder edge British rock. Many years later, life took a detour and it was time to focus on domestic life. One summer, while visiting friends in Amsterdam, Holland, Ron went to listen to a local blues band where he knew the lead guitarist. The bass player was a no-show and Ron was asked to sit in. That’s when Ron decided to put down the sticks and return to his first love, the bass. Running a business for many years consumed a lot of time, but Ron never gave up his passion for music. Now, after relocating to Prescott, Arizona, Ron is happy to “bring it on home” as the bassist for Road One South.



Gregson Gordon








Chris Russo

Chris is a Southern California native. As a self-taught guitar player, he started playing guitar at age thirteen and cut his teeth in surf, garage and pop bands in the South Bay Area of Southern Calif. Chris’s focus changed from the instrumental music of the day to the blues when his brother presented him with a Freddie King LP entitled “Freddie King Goes Surfin’”.

Chris has played lead, rhythm and/or bass guitar in SoCal bands such as The Caravans (surf), Shades of Gray (top 40).  He did a short stint as lead guitarist in Hard Thymes with The King George Rock and Soul Band in Biloxi, Mississippi (rock), SoCal bands; The Ex Parte Animals (bass – classic rock), The Eddie G. Band (blues guitar),  Double Stop (bassist in a blues power trio), Rhythm Method (lead guitar and vocals – blues).

After a move to Provo, Utah, Chris played lead guitar with the River Ranch Band, backing pop-country singer J. Marc Bailey and his co-producer, Jamie Glaser. This band opened for such notables as Phil Vassar, and Gary Allen. He concurrently provided lead guitar and vocals in Blues Ward, a Provo based blues band. During this time Chris scored as a 2nd runner up in the Jam On Stage with Kenny Wayne Shepherd contest in 2000.

Chris was a co founder of the original Road One South band and has now returned from a temporary relocation to the East Coast to regain a spot in the hardest working blues band in Arizona.

His musical influences range from Duane Eddie and Dick Dale, to Freddy, Albert, and B.B. King, T-Bone Walker, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Danny Gatton and just about every guitar player he’s been exposed to.

Chris prefers vintage Fender gear. Playing a custom built Telecasters and a Stratocasters. Amplifiers are primarily Silver Face Fender combos.

Tone is everything


Ofer Harel

Born and raised in Tel-Aviv ISRAEL, Drums were my calling and first love as far as I can remember, started drumming at 5 years old and never stopped.

At 21 years of age joined my first “real band” and was drumming and cruising around the world for the next 5 years.

Arrived at the U.S.A. (Los-Angeles Ca) in the mid 80′s, moved to Prescott AZ 7 years ago and instantly got back to my old calling DRUMS.

A couple of bands later, met Dwight (Big D) D’Evelyn who invited me to sit in with RD1S as a guest percussionist. What a trip that was and still is!!!!

That happened two and a half years ago and the MAGIC never stopped. I am blessed/privileged and honored to be a part of the phenomenon that’s called RD1S. Thank you God for this gift of creating magic/music with my 5 unbelievable friends/musicians.


Thank you RD1S. OFER HAREL